The Chicken Lady of Upton Warren 07711782908 , B61 7EW


Please note I am a hobby breeder and would appreciate phone calls between 9am - 6pm only.

I have a variety of bantam chicks, currently (19/4/14) one week old for sale.  They are, Serama's, Black and Silver Quail Belgians, Pekins and Gold Dutch.  They are unsexed and will need heat for at least another 4, maybe 5, weeks. All priced at £4.00 each until they are a month old, then they increase by 50p per week.

Please note I will not be breeding any large fowl this season


This is a SHOWGIRL!  

Showgirls are a new hybrid, bred from a Transylvanian Naked Neck and a Silkie.  The ideal would be to breed in some more Silkie or Poland in order to get a more pronounced crest. I have Gorgeous George a super white bantam silkie running with two girls so hopefully I will have 3rd generation for sale this spring

Since this picture was taken in 2012 the girls have been restricted to the upper part of the garden - enough's enough, good weeders they may be but please, not my prize hostas 

I started by keeping five chickens four years ago as an antidote to boredom: it worked.  I now have loads! 

Last year I was bitten by the breeding bug! I learnt from my mistakes and now have  six different breeds: Serama's, Vorwerks, (French) La Bresse, Barbu d'Anvers (Belgian Bantams) Cream Crested Legbars and Russian Orloff's. I have tried to obtain the best possible quality of breeding stock looking for parent birds that are excellent examples of the breed.

I confess that all my chickens have names and they respond very well to the sound of my voice especially when a dish of corn is rattled!


Although I sell a few chickens and eggs it is not a business - so long as I cover my costs and the girls go to good homes I am happy.  Money from selling eating eggs goes to Touchstones a small non profit making organisation that supports bereveaved children in North Worcestershire.


I am in Upton Warren, Worcestershire and open by appointment only.  You are very welcome to call me any time between 9am-5pm seven days a week to see what is available and discuss any practical issues you may have about keeping chickens


DEFRA registered